Blogger Interview – Dani from Touch my spine Book Reviews

Hello All,

Welcome to a wonderful Sunday, and I hope you all are having a fabulous weekend. Today I wanted to share with you, an interview with about a fellow book blogger, who is known by everyone as the lovely Dani @ touch my spine book reviews Do visit her site guys!!! She has been an amazing and supportive friend to me.

I have become a huge fangirl of hers, since day one, in blogosphere. She has an inspiring personality. She has shown the world that when life gives her hundred reasos to cry, she has thousand reasons to smile. I won’t keep on blabbering, so let’s head into the interview.

Beautiful and wonderful, Danielle Pirok



Can you give us your Name, age and country?

I go by Dani but my birth name is Danielle💖 21! Just kidding 29! USA

divider-37709_960_720.pngWhat about your family?

I don’t have much interaction with my biological family besides my children of course. I grew up being institutionalized and in group homes. Then at a very young age I was on my own and did my best and still am to survive. I do have 3 partners in crime and we raise the kids together! So my children have 2 dads and 2 moms! I have 3 amazing children Zoey 9, Gabriel 6, and Vincent 2! They are my family and everything!😍 I have met some people in the blogosphere that are turning out to be like family and more as well! Yay!


Any other personal details that you to share with us,like education, career etc. ?

I have an Associate’s degree in Psychology and I am working on starting up the process to have a degree in literature so if possible I can be a bibliotherapist one day. I want to share my love of books with people who are down and broken. I know books are my savior! When I became disabled they were what kept me together and I was able to travel many worlds. I volunteer/work local Friends of the Library Association and I am an active member of the commitee and help out with book sales, author signings, recommendations and community reading programs. I get really cheap deals on books and donate to people who have less than me so they can have the joy of reading. I also do some small time beta reading and reviews professionally with some local and online booksellers and publishers.


When did you start blogging and what exactly inspired you?

I started blogging about 6 months ago and had no idea what I was doing. To be honest I still don’t but I guess people like my weird self because my stats and traffic syrocketed, surprisingly!


What are your favorite posts to blog about?

I love sharing about books in any kind of way or fashion but I also love posts where I am being myself and just rambling on.


Which do you prefer? Physical or e-books? How many do you read per month (from each category)?

At first this was hands down print books. I didn’t even touch an ebook until 4 months ago but now I love both equally. I love the smell and feel of a print book! #proudbookmolester I love my kindle because of how I can carry a library around everywhere! I also love kindle because of making the words bigger and bolder! But the best reason I love my kindle is because of Text to speech! I am able to read a long with the automated voice and it really helps me because I have dyslexia. Also if I am in the middle of doing something with my kids. I can just listen to the audio for no extra charge.


Do you promote your blog? If so what is your favorite social media?

I do use social media and other sites to promote my blog. My favorite social media is Twitter because of how easy it is to use but once I get my camera figured out! I think I will love having an Instagram more! #Bookstagram I love Instagram because people express themselves through pictures and promote books that way!


Any pros and cons of being a book blogger?

Lots of pros! I isolated myself and lost so many friends when I became disabled anf was in a very dark place. When I joined WordPress I have met so many amazing people and have so much great friends! I also love that I get free books from being a book reviewer! I love how everyone can personalize their blogs and be themselves. I have loved the support and there’s people who are such great supportive friends and followers. Some I feel so close to and talk to daily. The con about blogging is some of the restrictions WordPress has, feeling worried that I am not giving my followers enough support on their blogs, and trolls.


What is the best thing/ advice/ lesson you have learnt through blogging?

Don’t be afraid to be yourself!!!



Any advice/tips that you can give, for new/old bloggers?

The best way that I have found to get more recognized as a new blogger is to use tags and categories, comment on other’s posts, update your blog frequently and always be supportive and respective to fellow bloggers!


How would you describe the blogging community?

As a hangout place where you can take your bra off and be yourself! 😂


How do you contribute towards it?

I try to contribute by always being honest, being supportive and kind to everyone I meet in The World of Blog!




Well guys, that is it for my interview with Daniella, I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did. I thank Dani for sparing time, to answer my questions. Do leave your ideas and comments below.

And do not forget to check out this link where Dani, talks about her self and shares her story with the world.

Until next post,




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31 thoughts on “Blogger Interview – Dani from Touch my spine Book Reviews

  1. I absolutely loved this interview for my hands down absolute number 1 favorite blogger that I have met in the blogosphere. She is such an incredibly inspiring woman that became a wonderful friend. Thanks for showcasing her like this and for conducting such a wonderful interview 😊😊

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Michel!!!😍 You are so amazing! Your comment made my day! You are such a wonderful friend and my cyber crush! Hehe!😍 Thanks so much for all your support, my friend! You mean the world to me! All this support has expanded my heart and it was so sweet of Hasanthi to take out her time and do something so kind! She is such a sweet and kind book blogger!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Awww…and this comment made my morning. Just woke up and seeing such lovely comments from you, really make me smile so much 😘
        You mean the world to me too, this was such a lovely interview and it was just so…you, you know what I mean? I loved how it captured yiu and the incredible person that you are. So really no thanks are necessary at all 😘😘❤️❤️ You are awesome!

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Well…then I hope you will have a great night and great sleep 😘😘❤️❤️ Haha…these time differences sometimes 😂😂
        Thank you again…I will do my best in making it a great day 😊😘❤️


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