Hungry Hearts, Thirsty Thursday #147

Hello All!!!

Welcome back to the yummiest meme of the week! Hungry Hearts, Thirsty Thursday!!!! hosted by wonderful Lexxie @ Unconventional Book Views

Do visit her blog for more details…

This week my pick is, my current read, Six of Crows by Leigh Bardugo.

This happens When Kaz meets Nina, to discuss about his plan. Before they start talking, this is what happens;


Nina threw herself into a chair at the table and wriggled her feet out of her jeweled slippers, digging her toes into the plush white carpet. “Ahhh,” she said contentedly. ” So much better.” She shoved one of the cakes from the coffee service into her mouth and mumbled, “What do you want, Kaz?”

At this time I am having a craving for a piece of cake like Nina. I specifically chose this part, because of the word Cake. I love cake, I know I sound a bit crazy…. :p, but that’s the truth.

This excerpt makes me feel like staying at home and relaxing, exactly the same way like Nina. It is so warm and cozy. I hope you enjoyed!!!

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