5 Top Reasons to read this book #1 – Wintersong by S. Jae Jones

Hello my fellow book loving people! Hope your having an amazing Thursday!

Well, today while I was at a class, it suddenly popped into my mind, that may be I should do something different. So, I decided to do a post why you should read a particular book or series.

For my first post, I chose Wintersong by S. Jae Jones. (Lately I was thinking weather I talk about Wintersong, way too much 😂😂😂)

This is why you should deffinetly read this amazing book,

  1. It takes you into a completely different magical world, and trust me you will love it. Every inch of the book is filled with magic.
  2. You will kinda fall in love with the Der Elkernog, the Goblin king. But at the start he is not so good. You will hate him, but gradually you will start to like him.
  3. Liesl will truly touch your heart. Many women will have a bit of Liesl in them. Well, it is my personal idea. But I feel loving and caring for the family is a part of every woman.
  4. If your into music (or not) you will enjoy it, for the way the author has presented the story. Now, I am not a music person, I mean I can’t sing (I can, but nobody would dare to listen to me 😂😂😂) But I loved every part of music mentioned in the book.
  5. Overall you will appreciate the talent of the author, S. Jae Jones, for her talented and creative way of writing.

So make sure that you get a hold of this magical book. Let me know about your thoughts.

Until next post,



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