Book Review Sunday – A Mother’s Day by Kaira Rouda (Short Story)

Hello All!!!

Welcome to another beautiful Sunday. For me, Sunday is all about Book Reviews. As per Bookish Goals for 2018, I wanted to read books with less number of pages. So I chose some Novellas on Amazon and bought them.

The first book I chose, to review was, The Mother’s Day by Kaira Rouda.

11301257 My Review

The story is about three mothers and three sons. They are connected to one scenario, as witnesses of a young teenage boy committing suicide.

The first mother is Julie and her son Asher is on their way to Julie’s office, and that is when they see the incident. The second mother Lynne and her 6 months old baby, Ben are walking home, when they see the boy jumping off the roof. She tries to help the teenager, but it becomes a fruitless effort. Third mother, Mary is waiting till her teenage son to return home. While then she receives the disturbing message, about her son’s best friend has committed suicide.

A mother’s love is deeper than the Ocean. It will be the same for their own children as well as for the other children. That is the reason both Julie and Lynne calls 911 to inform about the incident.

I simply loved the way each mother cares for their children. Julie is worried about Asher being sick, Lynne is worried about leaving baby Ben at home to head into work and Mary is worried about her teenage son Chris who is an autistic child. Each mother is deeply concerned about their children.

How each of these mother’s see, the mother’s day in their own different perspectives is great. Julie has lost her mother, few days before mother’s day, few years back still affects her very much. Mean while, Lynne is excited to celebrate her very first mother’s day, and also she is excited about starting a new career as a paramedic. Her motherhood is changing her to think about others, specially other children. Mary is so happy and excited to see her teenage son returns home with an advance mother’s day gift from his son.

As a whole, I loved the story and it’s characters. Each character shows how deep is a mother’s love, how concerned and worried they about their children, no matter what their age is. I was deeply touched by the story and makes me think of my wonderful mother, who is my guiding star no matter how hard life turns out to be.



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