First Chapter, First Para, Tuesday Intros

Hello All!!!

The weeks has been hectic as ever, but here I am taking part in the Tuesday book meme, first chapter, first para Tuesday intros.

This wonderful meme is hosted by I’d rather be at the Beach. Do check out her blog for more exciting stuff.

Let us head into it;

The book that I chose for this week is rather special. It is actually a picture book for adults. I must thank the author, Mawson fir sending me a copy of the book, in exchange for an honest review. The review will be upsoon.

The book was super cute and I thought, I will use the first page as this Tuesday’s intro.

It’s a bright world …….

……to feel lost in

In all this somewhere there’s……

…….someone who

asks for you to be with.

As I mentioned before, the book is super cute and I loved every detail about it. There will be a seperate review post coming soon.

More details will be published in that post. Till then, do not forget to check out this super cute book for adults and I am sure you will enjoy it very much.

Until next post,



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