Saturday Evening Tea with Book Lover – 5 reasons on why you should read this book!

Hello All!!!

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Today I visited my grandma and my post is late. But catching up with her and talking about all the books that I am reviewing, is way better than anything else. Since it is all about discussing about a bookish topic today, over a hot up of Tea, I thought of giving you five reasons on why you should read this book.

The book I chose for today is, the pick of the month (click here to read the post)


This month my favorite pick was It’s a Bright world to feel lost in by Mawson. So I will tell you why exactly you should read this wonderful book.

  1. The most important and the main reason is, the book is super cute. You will totally fall in love with all the pictures and words written in it. Also it is a pictuer book for adults.
  2. It is such a stress releaser. I mentioned this in almost all my posts about the book. I read it like, everyday after work. The book helps me to relax.
  3. The book talks about deeper aspects of life-like loosing your self, falling and getting up, loosing someone you love etc. , in a very simple and cute way.
  4. It is not a huge book, so it is rather easy to take it with you, anywhere you go. Also the book can be read very easily.
  5. Simple words, deeper meaning with cute illustrations and pictures. What more do you need to try this book. It is fun and awesome.

    I think these reasons are good enough for you to check out this amazing book. If you have not tried this book, you should try it for sure. That is why the book became my favorite pick of the month of May.

Let’s Chat

Are there any books that helps you to release stress, like the way I use this lovely adult picture book???

Do not forget to share your comments and thoughts about this post in the comments below.

I hope you enjoyed todays discussion over a cup of tea.

Until next post,



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