Her Majesty’s Quill by Mira Kanehl – Book Review (New Release – coming soon)

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It is a cold and rainy day here, in Sri Lanka. A perfect day to read and review a book. Monday is already here and another Book Review is up in my blog.

First of all, I would like to thank the Author, Mira Kanehl for sending an ARC of the book, in exchange for an honest review. Here is my review for this amazing book;

Her Majesty’s Quill by Mira Kanehl

her majaet's quill.png


Quick re-cap: 

In the historical fiction and magic realism series “The Sorceress’ Child” set in early nineteenth century Hawaii, Delmar Lécuyer, a French surgeon, is drawn into aculture palpably magic. When he finds out about a legend inevitably tied to his existence, he plunges into a web of forbidden beliefs and persecution. Along the lines of a supernatural and paranormal adventure sprinkled with romantic comedy, he makes friends and enemies alike that pull him closer and closer to this legend. But can he, a scientist at heart, really believe the prophecy?

Her Majesty’s Quill is the first book in the series:

July 1827: Delmar steps onto the shores of Honolulu after months on the Pacific, ready to start a new life. Fate, however, has other plans: Faced with dire poverty and the prospect of having to return to sea, he attempts to aid his situation by speaking to the king. Instead, he mistakenly angers the monarchy and plunges into a web of royal agents. Recently stripped of their traditional belief, the crown has converted to Protestantism and taken the islands with them in a dangerous surge of damnation of the old and sacred. And the Catholic missionaries Delmar came with have no place in this plan. When Delmar meets a mysterious woman, he is drawn into a sub-culture rich in mysticism and superstitions, and away from the only people he knows and understands. Is he ready for what faces him now, or is he about to fall for a political trick?

My Review

When Mira first contacted me, I just did not have a clear idea about her book. But after reading the story, I was very much interested in it. Honestly, it took me only one whole day to complete the story. The story was enthralling and I enjoyed it very much.

Some special characteristics I found about the story is as follows;

  1. The setting of the story is in 1800, in Hawaii. The setting of the story was great and I enjoyed that atmosphere so very much.
  2. The male protagonist of the story, Delmar Lécuyer, a French surgeon, who is my favorite character.  I loved his character for many reasons including the point, getting married to an elderly woman (whom will pay to his studies) and showing his capabilities as a surgeon.
  3. The way Delmar meets the mysterious woman and the way he is  drawn into a sub-culture rich in mysticism and superstitions is wonderfully created.
  4. The author’s ability in writing the story is, vividly emphasized throughout the story.
  5. In the end, I was wondering, “Mira, why did you have to stop from here?” I really wanted to know, what will happen next. Aroused my curiosity.
  6. Wonderful book, well written in order to grab the total attention of the reader.


My Rating

starstarstarstar(4/5)  Exceptional


The book will be published on the 22nd of June, 2018.

It’s up on Amazon for pre-order.

Visit Mira on Goodreads

Once again I thank lovely Mira, for sending me the ARC of the book.

Do try this book out, and share your ideas with me. Hope you enjoyed.

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