Kandy Book Fair 2018

Hello All!!!

It is a bright and sunny Saturday here in Sri Lanka. Since it is the weekend, I headed to the Kandy Town to check on the biggest book fair of the year.

Organised by the Sri Lankan Book Publishers Association, Kandy Book Fair is held every year in the Kandy City Center.

The entrance ticket is Rs.20/= , which is totally cheap and worth.

There were more than 20 book stalls which sold books, educational Publications, magazines and stationary.

They also had a seperate stall for the British Council to get the library membership at a discounted rate.

There were books of different languages including our native language Sinhala, English and Tamil

All the books that were available, can be purchased with a 20% discount. It is totally worth it. There are so many books available for purchase. Fiction, non-fiction, text books, primary and secondary books, past papers and model papers etc.

Some of the books that caught my eye are shared to you…..

It was great to see so many people interested in reading and buying books. The number of people attended to the fair was very high today, since it is the weekend.

I had so much fun buying and checking on books on this lovely saturday. Tomorriw will be the last day of the Kandy Book Fair.

Until next time,




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