Better than This by C.G.Coppola – Book Review

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Another book review from my blog!

First of all, I should thank the author, C.G.Coppola for sending me a copy of the ebook, in exchange for an honest review.



Autumn Sommers wants to forget what happened on the bus. It’s been three years, but avoiding Alex Wolf has become standard, especially since everyone knows about his sketchbook—and the drawings of her inside. The incident followed them from junior-high and now, in their sophomore year, the two have been paired on a project.

Autumn just wants to get through it. She needs to maintain her grades to keep her terrible Aunt Milly from moving back in, but working with Alex might be impossible since they have to pretend to be a couple for their assignment. Forced to put their past on hold, the two focus on their fictitious relationship until the lines between real and fake get blurred, and they discover there might be some truth to the façade. But things have changed since seventh grade. Alex has a secret, and it could mean the end of their new friendship…and more.

After everything they’ve been through, Autumn isn’t sure she can go back to the way it was. With their project—and her heart—on the line, she’ll need to prepare for whatever happens, even if it means a return to silence with the boy she wants the most. (from Goodreads)

My Review

I am totally into YA Romance and I really love reading this genre. Special features in the story;

  1. The book is totally romantic. I love the setting of the story, the atmosphere of the school, the bullies, friends, relationships etc.
  2.  The characters, Autumn and Alex have been created really well to suit the setting of the story.
  3. Autumn a simple girl, lover of art and painting and Alex a guitarist for a local band are the two main characters of the story. Alex has been thinking about Autumn for years, but has not tried to approach to her. Things have been pretty normal between them, until they are paired in class, for a project. I loved all these details and how they handle the situation.
  4. Alex can be highlighted as a dream guy, every girl can wish for. I love the romance that he carries within himself.
  5. The supporting characters ; Corey, Savvy and even Jessa, has been created carefully to interconnect at the most appropriate times of the story.
  6. Here, I must talk about the character, Jessa. Even though, she is found in the story, only in a few places, as a reader I started to hate her, for simply being Alex’s girlfriend. Her character was well written. That is the reason behind, the reader hating her.
  7. The story was cute and totally romantic, as I mentioned before. I am totally into reading cute love stories like this one 🙂
  8. It is a quick read and makes the reader hooked up with the story, till the end.
  9. The ending of the story was not what I expected, actually I wanted to know more about Alex and Autumn. Like, what will happen next?


It was so much fun reading this wonderfully romantic book.

My Rating

starstarstarstarstar Tremendous, I like it very much


I would recommend this book to anyone who likes just to sit back and enjoy some wonderful romance.

Hope you enjoyed!

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