Update On My Reading – July, 1st & 2nd Weeks

Hello All!!!

For the past few days, I have failed to update regularly and on a wonderful Sunday, I am here with another post to share my reading progress with you.

My reading has been on hold for the last few days, due to my tight schedule. But up unto today I was able to read a couple of books and I am currently reading some more.



  1. Fault in our stars by John Green
  2. Diet Land by Sarai walker
  3. Better than This by C.G.Coppola
  4. Bollywood Invasion by Ricardo Alexander

Currently Reading

  1. The Cake shop in the Garden by Carole Mathews
  2. Cruel Prince by Holly black
  3. Manna City by  Geoffrey Pierce

Next in Line

  1. Abundance of Katherines by John Green
  2. After you by Jojo Moyes


You can check out the book reviews for the completed books in my blog. Reviews for the rest of the books, are coming soon 🙂

Until next post,




(All the pictures that I have used in this post, does not belong to me. Original source unknown)

One thought on “Update On My Reading – July, 1st & 2nd Weeks

  1. Beware Of The Reader

    Oooh I wonder what you’ll think of The Cruel prince! And I never dared reading After You so far as I loved the first one so much and feared losing the magic.


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