If you like this, then you will like this……

Hello All!!!!

Today I decided to do a recommendation post, by comparing two books of the same genre. So, If you have read the first book, you might like to try out the next.

Few months back I received the eARC of Can dreams come true by Kristina Lyndsay Hager, which was totally amazing. I really loved the book for its characters and the story. Filled with music and romance the story was super cute. You can read the full review by clicking here

If you are a fan of romance and music then here you go. You might have already read Can dreams come true, then this is my recommendation for you.

If you like this ↓                                                  Then, You will like this ↓

CanDreamsComeTrue1400x2100[16].jpg               40057241

Better than this by C.G.Coppola is also an amazing romance story and is involved in music. You can check out the full review of this book by simply clicking here

Both books fall into the romance category and both are filled with love, humor and music. Music is the factor that makes both the books distinctive. How the characters are connected with music is astonishing.

I thank both the lovely authors, Krysten Lindsay Hager and C.G.Coppola for sending me the copies of the books and giving me the wonderful opportunity to read these books.

If you have already tried them or, if you are planning to trying them do let me know your thoughts and ideas.

Until next post,



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