The Adventures of Phatty and Payaso : Central Park by Marie Unanue – Book Review

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My next review for this week;

The Adventures of Phatty and Payaso : Central Park



Phatty the cat loves nothing more than spending his days balanced atop his favorite chair gazing out his windows at Central Park below. Everything is simply fan-tabby-lous until one day when the meanest hawk in the park lands on his terrace and makes a terrifying announcement that he is coming for Phatty and his furry little friends. When Phatty decides he is tired of being a scaredy-cat, he jumps into a laundry bag and escapes to Central Park to stop Crawler the bully hawk once and for all. But his unplanned operation goes horribly wrong when he finds himself alone and lost in the park. When his best friend, Payaso, realizes his partner in crime is missing, he teams up with several animals to find Phatty. As the band of furry pals set out on a hilarious journey, they quickly realize that if they put aside their differences and work together, it might just be enough to save a lovable undercatβ€”and each other. In this animal adventure novel, a cat on a mission to stop a bully hawk must face his fears all alone in a scary park while a group of unlikely friends attempts to rescue him. (From Goodreads)

My Review

First I must thank the author, for sending me a copy of the book, in exchange for an honest review.

Well, I am so glad that I was able to read it. Because, the story is all about cats and dogs. I am so in love with both cats and dogs.

This adorable, cute story is all about Phatty, a fat cat who is basically scared and being bullied by a Hawk. The story flows through how Phatty’s brother Clyde, and his friends including Payaso, and a boy named Max (who can basically speaks to animals) help him to overcome his fears.

I basically loved the plot, because I felt that it is indeed unique and speaks about a very serious topic, bullying.

It also highlights about overcoming fears, finding your self, friendship, understanding, standing up for your self and adventures. Also the story is exciting and totally enjoyable. The drawings are impressive and provides the meaning to the story.

The story raise awareness about a serious topic and I feel that as a teacher, it is important for kids to read this book. I would highly recommend this book to anyone.

My Rating

7d23256f-ba76-4f6b-a6f1-5ee48f00ccde_1.e0c1d647ac3960bef2f123feebb15ce47d23256f-ba76-4f6b-a6f1-5ee48f00ccde_1.e0c1d647ac3960bef2f123feebb15ce47d23256f-ba76-4f6b-a6f1-5ee48f00ccde_1.e0c1d647ac3960bef2f123feebb15ce47d23256f-ba76-4f6b-a6f1-5ee48f00ccde_1.e0c1d647ac3960bef2f123feebb15ce4 (4/5) Exceptional

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