Reading Progress for March – April

Hello Booklovers!!

Back on this Monday with another post. Since yesterday was the last day of March and today is the first day of April, I thought that, I should do an update on my reading and the progress so far.

For 2019, my reading goal is 70 books, which is 10 books more than the last year. Up until now, I have read 11 books (which is 16%) out of 70. I know I am slow, but I like the speed that I am carrying on with.

I have no set TBR for each month and I continue reading the books that I borrowed and I have got to be reviewed. These are the books that I am currently reading and will continue in the next month.

1. Gekerella by Ashly Poston


2. A Court of Thorns and Roses by Sarah J. Mass


3. Indian Paintbrush by John A. Heldt


4. 100 Ways to live as an optimistic world by Katherine Swarts


These are the books that I am currently reading and planning to read within this month. Hoping to the reviews very soon. Stay tuned with my blog for more. Since I do not have a set TBR, there will be more additions for these books.

That is all for today folks. Until next post,




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