Roses and Thorns – Poems by Hasanthi 01

Hello Booklovers!!!

Roses and Thorns is the newest addition to my blog. I have started to write poetry and I thought of sharing them with you all. Whenever I feel that I have written a good piece I will share it in my blog.

Roses and Thorns is about love, hatred, betrayal, pain, anger and passion. If I put it in a simple way, it is all about human emotions. All the ideas written in the poems are my own.

I hope you will enjoy ………..


I still Wonder……

by Hasanthi Navaratne

I still wonder….

If things are the same between us.

I still wonder….

If you think of me,

When you are isolated and being consumed by your own thoughts.


I still wonder…..

Every minute, every hour of my day,

what you might be doing.

If you are happy or sad.

I still wonder….

If you can still feel the warmth and love, that we carried in our hearts.



Sometimes I wonder if is worth, to wonder about all this.

Battling and struggling with my own thoughts.

I wonder….


You are worth all this fight……………


I hope you enjoyed. Do leave your thoughts and ideas in the comments below. I really appreciate it.

Hoping to meet you with another Roses and Thorns session soon.



2 thoughts on “Roses and Thorns – Poems by Hasanthi 01

  1. Amali

    Very beautiful Hasa, it is a great piece of poetry that tells us about the reality of “love”. Yes, we all love, and we still do love them even when they turned their backs on us, and wonder if they feel the same.. I would rather say, like fools, while they enjoy their share of life to the fullest, with our replacements, and yet, we continue to wonder if…
    Wish you all the very best my darling…

    Liked by 1 person

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