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It is Hasanthi from Hasanthi’s Book Blog and I hope you are having wonderful Saturday. I was planning to find a fellow blogger to do a guest post in my blog, but simply did not have time to invite anyone 😉 Few days back I tweeted it, and lovely Amanda Haywood accepted the request. Do visit her blog, Back to Fiction for more great posts. She accpeted my invitation and here we are with a great post from her.

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The Taking by Dean Koontz

Guest post by Amanda Haywood


I found this book by accident at a book sale. I was looking for more Stephen King to continue my collection. I love Stephen King; therefore, many people have recommended Dean Koontz as a good author is the same genre. Personally, I have mixed feelings for Koontz’s work. I have previously read The Darkfall and I devoured it. It was a great, thrilling, dark read. I also tried to read The Strangers but could not get through it. I believe it was the organization of the book. Flipping back and forth between the characters threw me for a loop. So, I decided to give Dean Koontz another chance. I am thrilled I did.

The Taking pulls you in with massive foreshadowing. Strange occurrences begin in the first chapter, there is no slow start in this book. You keep reading just to find out what is happening to the world. Something as simple and common as rain is dark and sinister. Even once you are told the basics, you are still lost as the characters are still figuring out what is happening. Koontz does a fantastic job giving you just enough information to keep you interested, yet still guessing. Even the characters are developed slowly, so half-way through the book you are still wondering which characters will survive or who will be the hero. Backstories are mixed into the crazy events, so you learn about the characters as they learn about themselves. The way the story develops you wonder if anyone will survive these crazy apocalyptic events. People disappear at random and get killed in farfetched ways. The farfetched ways suit with the alien wether taking place.

Even as many stories as I have read, I could not foresee the ending of this book. There is a good reason The Taking is a best seller. It would be awesome to see this book brought to life on the big screen. I hope that special effects have developed enough to properly bring the fear and confusion to the audience.
I would give “The Taking” 8 out of 10 cups of coffee. I with hold some coffee due to the ending. There is an engaging, thrilling plot that makes forward at a steady pace. There are characters with depth. However, the ending seems almost anti-climatic. Everything just stops and I want more from the story ending.

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