Hi! My name is Hasanthi. I am so glad that you visited my page.

You might know me as totalbooklover on Instagram and twitter. But this is me.

I am from Sri Lanka. I am a teacher.

Reading is my obsession. I love to share my ideas about books that I read. Every month I try to read 4-5 books. Recently I have started to write my own poetry. You can check out my work as well read my reviews.

Hope you enjoy!!!!




Special Dedication

For that wonderful human being who motivated me, Inspired me and most of all who became the pillar of strength in my life. Without you I am nothing. Thank you for everything!

With lots of loving memories filled in my heart, I dedicate this blog to
Mr. Lionel Ranasinghe, (my late Grandfather), for beliving in me!!!! I love you seeya, now and till eternity!