My Review Policy and Rating System

If you are interested in getting me to review your book, I would love the opportunity. But, there are few things which I should make clear before we start.

Due to the very busy and tight schedule that I have, I will only be accepting 1-2 books per month for reviewing. I do not criticize or disrespect any author in anyway. My reviews will be based completely on my own thoughts and ideas, therefore you will have to accept what I write. Everything that I write will be based on the way that book or rather, the story touched my heart. You can expect a 100% honest review from me. Given below is my rating system.

starstarstarstarstar  Tremendous, I like it very much
starstarstarstar  Exceptional
starstarstar   Fair enough
starstar  Ok, but a bit tedious
star  Sorry!I didn't like it at all

Thank you very much for reading my review policy and rating system!