6 Free eBooks for this Christmas!

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My last post was about 5 books from one of my favorite authors, Carole Matthews. All those books were related to Christmas and to boost up your festive spirit. Today I thought of sharing 6 books which you can buy from Amazon free of charge.

Grab these books from Amazon today and enjoy your holiday!!!

1. Pastels and Jingle Bells by Christine S. Feldman



Trish Ackerly never expected to cross paths with Ian Rafferty again, but when she spots the former bully of her childhood years through her bakery window, she thinks she may just have been given the best Christmas gift ever: the opportunity to finally give Ian the comeuppance he deserves.

But clearly she does not have a knack for this whole revenge thing, because before she can make good on her plans, Trish gets inadvertently drawn into Ian’s life in an unexpected way that lets her see just how different the man is from the boy he used to be. In fact, much to her astonishment, she actually starts to like the guy. A lot.

Trouble is, Ian doesn’t know who she really is, and explaining it to him is going to be a little difficult now—which is bad news, because Trish is starting to realize that all she really wants for Christmas this year… is Ian. (from Goodreads)

2. Silver Bells : a Rivers End Romance by C.J.Hunt



Isaac MacAllister’s life revolves around building his business and doing his best to give his daughter Sara a strong sense of family. Over the years he’s had to learn how to keep their little family together on his own, but this Christmas Isaac is going to have some unexpected help.

Christmas blogger Jenna Murphy has one goal for the holidays this year: to get far away from anything to do with Christmas. Her website sale is done, and after 1,825 posts about the big C, it’s one “season” she never wants to celebrate again. She’s ready to start a new life, and the Big River Lodge seems like the perfect place for her to figure out the details. The lodge is isolated, she has her own private cabin, and no one in her family will know where she is.

But she didn’t plan on the highly distracting presence of Isaac MacAllister. Is Jenna going to let one sexy dad and his sweet kindergartener derail her plans for her holiday … and her life?

3. Tangled in Tinsel by Stacy Eaton



Welcome to Celebration Township.

Casey Lowe is new in town and hiding from her past. Her next-door neighbor, Thad Wagner, is a sexy police officer, who is good with his hands, and his lips, but Casey refuses to get involved with a married man, and Thad can’t seem to understand why she keeps pushing him away. No matter how they try to stay apart, something keeps drawing them together. When an unexpected visitor shows up at Casey’s house the week before Christmas, her future is on the line. Will Thad figure it out in time to save her, or will Casey become a conspirator to a murderer?


4. A Christmas Gift by Stella Wilkinson (Short Story)



Holly and Caleb had been best friends as children, growing up on the same street, but as teenagers they couldn’t be further apart. When Caleb unexpectedly asked Holly to help him pick out a Christmas gift for his girlfriend, neither of them anticipated where it would lead.

A young adult romantic comedy, from Stella Wilkinson, acclaimed author of The Flirting Games Series.

(Please note that this is a short story of approx 7000+ word)



5. Her Christmas Bonus by Rain Danvers (Short Story)



Sage has been working at a high-tech firm in Newport Beach, CA for over two years as the only female director among three men. She is highly valued by her boss and she loves her job, but there’s a problem – she’s totally attracted to him and the stress is killing her. She’s taking three days off for the Christmas holiday and has posted her availability online, hoping to find a job when she returns. Before she can leave, she has to find her cell phone and she doesn’t know where she left it.

Terrance is the founder and owner of Templeton Designs and considers Sage so valuable to the company, he can’t afford to acknowledge the feelings he has for her. He’s stuck at the company this year when normally he would be enjoying the holiday in a warm, tropical location. It may be the year he finds a way to acknowledge the woman who holds his heart captive. (from Goodreads)

6. Killer Christmas by Harper Lin (includes Holiday drink recipes)



After breaking up with hunky movie star Nick Doyle, Grammy Award-winning singer Emma Wild returns to her hometown for Christmas to get away from it all. In Hartfield, a small town in Ontario, Canada, she gets caught up in a murder case after a fan’s drink is poisoned at the Chocoholic Cafe, owned by Emma’s sister Mirabelle.

Who is the killer and was the drink originally intended for Emma?

To add to the chaos, Sterling Matthews is the detective on the case. He’d shattered her heart nine years ago and inspired all her hit singles, but now they must work together to find the murderer before the murderer finds Emma.


So, in today’s post I have included 6 books, – 2 of them are short stories for those who love to have a quick read in this holiday season.

If you have read any of these books and if you are hoping to, do leave a comment below. I would love to hear about your thoughts and ideas too.

All the above mentioned books are available on Amazon

Hope you enjoyed!!!

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Escape from Samsara by Nicky Blue – Book Review

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Sunday is here, September is here and I am here with a another book review.


He thinks he’s a deadly ninja. He’s not. He’s Barry Harris and he still lives with his mum.

Barry’s been patient, but after twenty-seven years of trimming hedges for people he hates, he’s had enough. All he wants to do is to find his missing father and to discover his inner ninja. But life’s not done with throwing him curveballs.

A fatal mistake catapults Barry into the adventure of a lifetime. With talking hedges, samurai ghosts, meddling psychotherapists, and an inexplicably non-linear time pattern conspiring against him, Barry must do battle to save his hide, unleash the ninja within, and rescue his father from an ancient army, a dark sorcerer and a raging inferno. (from Goodreads)


My Review

First I must thank the author, Nicky Blue for sending me a copy of the eBook, in exchange for an honest review.

He thinks he’s a deadly ninja. He’s not. He’s Barry Harris and he still lives with his mum.

Yes, Barry thinks that he is indeed a deadly Ninja, where he still needs to figure things out.

He has been a gardener and lives with his mother. But in is life he needs to achieve more. He needs to find his inner ninja and find his lost father. The story unfolds about Barry’s life and how he faces it. Filled with humor and ends with and adventure, the story was fantastic.

I pretty much enjoyed the characters, setting and the humor. Loved the adventurous ending. I was so glad that Barry was able to find his lost father again. It was heart touching to see, the family re-united.

But, it made me a little confused and I have never read a story of this type. Even though the story line is unique, I felt that, in my case it was kind of negative point. That is the reason that ended up giving it, this rating.

My Rating

starstarstar Fair Enough


This does not mean that, it is not worth reading it. You should definitely go, and check it out. Maybe you will like it better than me 🙂 🙂 🙂

I hope you enjoyed!

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Currently Reading ….

Hello All!!!

Welcome to my blog on this lovely Wednesday. It is so cold here in Sri Lanka, and raining. Since it is the school holidays for me, I am back on full-time reading.

I thought of sharing with you, some of the books that I am currently reading.

The Wife between us by Greer Hendricks and Sarah Pekkanen


I was very much looking forward to reading this wonderful book.

Few days back, bought the ebook from Amazon and it is totally worth, for the price I paid.

The story is thrilling and heart touching. Currently I am reading this on Kindle and I am done half way through.

The story is totally speaking to my heart and the review will be up soon.

From Twinkle with Love by Sandhya Menon


I was waiting for this book.

This is one of my favorite books by the author. I was super excited about this book, well I am currently reading it.

I read When Dimple met Rishi by Sandhya Menon and fell in love with her writing style.

Now, I am eagerly waiting till I finish reading the book, to do the review post.

Wonder by R.J.Palacio


This book was a total coincidence.

Found the book from the library and bought it home. I had no idea about the story, nor I have not heard about it too.

But, once I started reading it, the story is super awesome and I am enjoying it very much.

I have completed half way through, and the review will be up soon.

The Hate U Give by Angie Thomas


I was trying to get a hold of this book, since last year.

Finally I was able to get it in 2018. Even though I still have not started to read it, I saw such a lot of hype around this book, with great comments and reviews.

Hoping to start it off soon and to review it once I am done.

Well, this is it folks. These are some of the books that, I am reading for this month. This is totally different from my TBR. Yes! These were last-minute additions.

Do let me know about your thoughts and ideas about these books. Sharing comments is a great way to educate others about books.

Until next post,